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A full range of PDC cutters designed for oil/gas drilling and mining bits, are manufactured under state-of-the-art sintering processes..
PCD segments
PCD cutting segment for stone,cutting segment,stone tools........
it is used for oil drilling bits with no metal bond and with better thermal stable ability..
Drawing dies
These are the most suitable for electromagnetic wire factory, cable and wire factories, stainless steel cord factories and other metal wire factories..
PCD&PCBN wear parts
PCD and PCBN wear parts for the bearing Industry with proven long lifespan and high tolerance are in use all over the world, and normally manufactured based on the customer's Specific Requirements..
PCD die blank
Our PCD(Polycrystalline Diamond) die blanks is produced by unique ultra high-pressure sintering technology, consisting of randomly orientated micron size diamond crystals, with extremely high diamond-to-diamond bonding..
diamond grinding wheels are mainly used in the grinding of various hard carbide, special shaped surfaces and work pieces made of..
Synthetic Diamond Powder
Synthetic diamond powder is the hardest industrial material. It is characterized as high strength, excellent wearability and thermal stability. Synthetic diamond grit is suitable for making diamond saw blades..