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Diamond dead center

The diamond dead center is made of diamond polycrystalline material, which is embedded on the top matrix by special technical means, and the top matrix is made of high strength steel. Through the production of high-end processing equipment, skilled high-end skilled workers operation, precision testing means to ensure. It is a high-precision high-tech content products.

The hardness of diamond dead center material is second only to that of natural diamond. The Vickers hardness of diamond polycrystalline is over HV8000. The theoretical wear ratio is over 250000, 80-120 times that of cemented carbide, the thermal conductivity is 700 W/mk, 1.5-9 times that of cemented carbide, and the friction coefficient is 0.1-0.3 (cemented carbide is 0.4-1); because diamond polycrystalline has above excellent properties, it can be used in process. In this way, many other materials can not achieve the effect, mainly from the material to show the following advantages:

1. Dead center materials belong to super hard materials and have very long service life.
2. Diamond polycrystalline has good thermal conductivity, reduces friction heat in work, avoids workpiece central hole burn deformation, causes central position change, and affects processing accuracy.
3. The friction coefficient of polycrystalline diamond is much lower than that of cemented carbide material, which can greatly reduce the friction resistance, reduce the vibration caused by the friction force of the workpiece and improve the processing accuracy.
4. Diamond polycrystals show excellent chemical inertia below 650 degrees, strong acid and alkali resistance, and are suitable for working under various working conditions.

Diamond dead center, we use high strength steel as the matrix material, through heat treatment means to improve the strength of the matrix, apex cone and Mozambique cone handle with high precision grinding, mirror grinding and other means, making the matching precision high, apex concentricity less than 0.003 mm. Because of the above high precision, it is very suitable for the jacking and grinding of precision workpieces, and also suitable for supporting high-end precision testing equipment.

Applications: Ceramic alloy rods, milling cutters, precision shafts, etc.


Diamond center specification dimension table: