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PCD diamond nozzle

Diamond nozzle is composed of high quality diamond nozzle core and (metal or plastic) cage. The wear resistant working area of nozzle is made of polycrystalline diamond. The metal or plastic cage contributes to the precise outside dimensions while protecting the polycrystalline diamond in a favorable manner.

PCD is the working part of nozzle and is synthesized through sinter of synthetic diamond powder under the condition of ultrahigh pressure and high temperature (60,000 atmospheric pressure, 1400°C-1500°C). The metal or plastic wrap will not only make a more accurate external size but also protect PCD core.

1. The diamond nozzle developed by our company is characterized with the features of reliable performance.
2. Our diamond nozzle has very long life, and its life is 15-20 times than that of boron carbide nozzle, and 120-180 times than that of hard alloy (WC-Co) nozzle.
3. The diamond nozzle does not contain cracks or other imperfections in its structure, and as a result implosion events are eliminated.
4. The diamond nozzle has a strong advantage and excellent performance price ratio.

The material of diamond nozzle uses premium imported PCD blanks.

ODM/OEM service:
The diamond nozzle can be customized upon customers requirements.

Application:Dry  spraying,Water jet cutting,Cleaning,Homogenizing and painting,Sand-blasting,Automotive instry and etc.

Diamond nozzle flow table: