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PCD wire drawing dies

   The diamond drawing die has the characteristics such as high wear-resistance, highly-polished surface and high precision, which can guarantee wire roundness, smoothness. These are the most suitable for electromagnetic wire factory, cable and wire factories, stainless steel cord factories and other metal wire factories. 

  We offer PCD's in various dimensions and grain sizes, and therefore guarantee a high degree of precision and durability.

Typical application areas:

• Copper wire

• Aluminum wire

• Tungsten wire

• Molybdenum wire

• Stainless steel wire

• Coated steel wire

• Special alloy and high performance alloy wire

• Precious metal wire

• Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types


Soft Wire: copper wire, aluminum wire, bronze wire, gold wire hard wire: stainless steel wire, copper wirealuminum wire, copper alloy, tungsten wire thread, Molybdenum Wire , Nickel Wire other demand a different standard shapes.
HNI can supply full line services in PCD die blanks, PCD semi-finished dies and finished dies.